Re-creative design editor

Customizable hanging mobiles, clocks and lights


We think that design must be both recreational and creative. In short: re.creative. Re.creative because we all have a child’s soul ; all our products are to be assembled so you have fun and you appropriate your object. Creative because your sensitivity only needs to be expressed ; all our items are customizable. So you create, re-create again and again ! Virvoltan, it is an editor with:

  1. A unique patented concept : customize your decorative mobile, your clock or your light by arranging the components as you wish or create your own, unique like you, from our accessories.
  2. A 100% made in France production.
  3. Ecofriendly products made from recycled steel and wood from forests with the PEFC label.
  4. Delivery in less than 72h
  5. Easy installation : an adhesive hook is provided with our mobiles so you don’t have to drill any holes in your beautiful ceiling !


  • L'Elixir d'Amour, Mobile décoratif | Virvoltan

    LOVE ELIXIR Hanging mobile

  • Orpheus, Mobile décoratif | Virvoltan

    ORPHEUS Hanging mobile

  • Chanson d'Hiver, Mobile décoratif Virvoltan

    WINTER SONG Hanging mobile

  • Détail De Primary Horloge Bauhaus Personnalisable Bauhaus 100 Ans | Virvoltan

    Wall Clock PRIMARY

  • Horloge Murale Personnalisable d'inspiration George Nelson Rose | Virvoltan

    Wall Clock SUNNY

  • Horloge Murale Personnalisable Bis gravé Acier jaune colza | Virvoltan

    Wall Clock DUO

  • Carmen, Mobile lumineux | Virvoltan

    CARMEN / L Ceiling lighting mobile

  • Sale! Casse-Noisette, Mobile lumineux | Virvoltan

    CASSE-NOISETTE / L Ceiling lighting mobile

  • Parade, Mobile lumineux | Virvoltan

    PARADE / L Ceiling lighting mobile

  • Sale! Casse-Noisette, Mobile lumineux | Virvoltan

    CASSE-NOISETTE / L Ceiling lighting mobile

  • Sale! Excelsior, Mobile décoratif | Virvoltan

    EXCELSIOR Hanging Mobile

  • Sale! kit d'extension lumineuse pour mobile Virvoltan

    Lighting kit extension


A simple and revolutionary concept

Thanks to our unique and patented assembly system, Virvoltan allows you to design the mobile, clock or ceiling light of your dreams. Choose one of our products, place the components where you want or complete it with our accessories!

All our foils (thin lacquered steel sheets and wooden balls) are indeed interchangeable. The mounting possibilities are almost endless. You are free to let your creativity express itself.

Our products are designed and manufactured in France from recycled and eco-responsible materials.

100% French

Our mobiles, clocks and luminaires are entirely manufactured and packaged in France.

100% secured

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100% original

Compose your product as you wish!