These times of confinement remind us how important it is to feel “good at home” to be “good in oneself”: our interior reflects our personality and influences our thoughts, our emotions and our general well-being. Decorative mobiles contribute to soothing and are therefore an accessory of choice in a cocooning interior. More than a simple decorating trend, feng shui is an art of living whose main principles we present here.

Mobile, accessoire déco cocooning feng shui

Hanging mobile, a feng shui accessory | Virvoltan

What is Feng Shui?

Pratique chinoise ancestrale signifiant « le vent et l’eau », le feng shui consiste à agencer et à décorer un espace de manière à favoriser le bien-être et la prospérité de ses occupants. A l’instar du shiatsu, du tai chi, de l’acupuncture ou de nombreux autres arts chinois, il s’agit de fluidifier la circulation de l’énergie autour de nous (le « chi ») en veillant à harmoniser l’agencement, les matières, les couleurs et la lumière de notre intérieur.

How to arrange a feng shui interior?

Favouring the positive waves of one’s interior is to facilitate the circulation of energy flows. Therefore, we will favor :

  • the light. To have a clear mind is to see clearly, to be “clairvoyant”. So illuminate your interior, prefer several lights in a room to a single light source, create soft and varied atmospheres with lighting with dimmers and think of mirrors.
  • curves. Sharp, protruding angles that obstruct the fluidity of chi need to be softened by the presence of a plant, by the play of colors on the walls, by the play of light that softens the contrasts and lines.
  • order and cleanliness. Clutter stagnates the chi and affects us mentally (fatigue, melancholy, procrastination…) and physically (dust, mold, etc.). Keeping too many objects diverts our energy from the essential and affects our ability to look forward to the future with serenity. So one word of order: sort, tidy and clean your home!

The feng shui principles applied room by room

  • The entrance is fundamental: it is the first (and last) impression a visitor will have when entering your home and it is also the place where energies pass through to the outside world. It therefore plays a crucial role in feng shui. In fact, it should be tidy, welcoming and bright (NB: a mirror should not be placed in front of the door because it would send the chi outwards).
    Mobile décoratif entrée feng shui | (c) Virvoltan
  • The living room, a living room par excellence, should combine comfortable seating, an atmosphere conducive to conversation, confidences and communication in general and variable lighting. Favour low furniture and place your sofa preferably against a wall, never with your back to the door.
    Mobile décoratif dans un salon feng shui | Virvoltan
  • The kitchen also plays an important role in feng shui: it is where people gather to prepare food, discuss and share moments with family and friends. We will therefore favor the circulation and storage to make the room as functional as possible. Finally, we will arrange the work plan so that the person who cooks can be in interaction with others.
    mobile déco cuisine feng shui cocooning | Virvoltan
  • The feng shui bathroom is above all a ventilated bathroom in order to maintain a healthy atmosphere. The Chi hates stagnant water and humidity so we aerate, we have green plants! Finally, it is the room where we get rid of impurities so it is recommended that the room is partitioned.
    Mobile décoratif salle de bain feng shui | Virvoltan
  • The office, encouraged by the development of telecommuting, is a room in which it is important to draw calm and inspiration, to find the right balance between intellectual stimulation and calming the mind. The choice of colors and lighting installation are important.
    Excelsior, Mobile Calder Personnalisable Facile A Installer | Virvoltan
  • The bedroom plays a key role in our lives as it is where we recharge our batteries. Here again, in order to circulate energies, we will install little furniture and we will arrange the bed as far as possible from the door and windows by maintaining a space all around him. We will decorate the space with colors conducive to calm and rest, we will distill a variable and subdued light.
    Mobile décoratif chambre feng shui | Virvoltan

What colors to choose in a feng shui decoration?

Colors play a major role in your interior: not only do they determine the atmosphere of your home, but they also influence your mood.

Feng shui divides colors into Yin and Yang colors. We remind the reader that Yin and Yang are two parts of a whole, as opposite as inseparable. The Yin (shadow) refers to the night, to femininity, to interiority… when the Yang (light) represents the day, the virility, the exteriority… Thus, your interior must find a balance between the bright and dynamic colors (Yang) as the red, the orange and the yellow that we will reserve to the day rooms where we are active (living room, kitchen, office…) and the soft colors and apathetic (Yang). ) and soft and soothing colors (Yin) such as pale blue, powder pink, peach or beige that will be favored in the rooms of rest and calm (bedroom, library …)

But in the end, what matters is to choose the colors that match the atmosphere you want to give to each room of your home. The main thing is to make sure that the whole is harmonious in order to feel good.

Color Color Symbolism (element / emotion / effect) Pièce à privilégier
Yellow communication / joy & inspiration Children’s room, living room, meeting room
Orange Change, creativity / stimulation Children’s room, hallway
Pink Soothing Bedroom, bathroom
Red Fire / dynamism, love / excitement Office, living room
Green Wood, harmony, nature / focus & creativity Office, library, kitchen
Blue  Water / wisdom, serenity Office, bathroom, bedroom
Purple Yin&Yang Balance / spirituality / thinking Office
Grey Metal / concentration Office

Feng shui decorating accessories

Adding personal decorative elements that contribute to your happiness and positive energies is particularly recommended. We will therefore opt for mobile decorative elements to hang whose constant movement drives out bad vibrations and contributes to a good circulation of energies. Chimes, water fountains and hanging mobiles have a balancing power and are conducive to soothing and meditation.

“If you can’t relax in a bright, colorful and sparsely furnished room, why not install a mobile? These sets of suspended and articulated elements have a calming effect: they neutralize the negative energies they scatter and restore balance in rooms with very high ceilings.”


And as already mentioned above, several sources of lighting should be preferred to one per room, plants should be placed to regulate humidity and mask rectilinear spaces, frames on the walls (paintings, photos, drawings) bring positive colors and good memories, and finally, mirrors should be used to enlarge the space and capture good energies.