After having updated the mobiles, this time we are setting the record straight (ah ah) with our customizable wall clocks !

The wall clocks have long been the most common way to find out the time in the home and to allow stoves to calculate cooking times. Who doesn’t remember the tireless tic-tac tic-tac tic-tac of Granny’s kitchen? Unlike our ancestors, our clocks do not emit the slightest sound. Silence guaranteed! The democratization of watches and household appliances with integrated clocks has overtaken their usefulness and confined them to a simple decorative role…

wall clocks

Concerned to bring up to date what has made the aesthetics of bygone times and to allow you to express your creativity through our products, we have developed several ranges of clocks that just need to be composed as you wish! Like our mobiles, you are free to arrange the components as you wish.

Infinite combinations of clocks!

Our clocks are made of a wooden disc engraved with distinct patterns on the front and back and pierced with 12 holes on its edge. So you have an infinite number of possibilities to compose your clock, to position it vertically, horizontally…

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